Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Golden Globes Best Dresses

2018 Golden Globes has just ended but yet the fashion stays. This blogpost is kind a new in my blog, I'd never yet written anything related to fashion because I felt insecure with my taste and style. Can I be accepted, but then I realize whatsoever it's new year and it's 2018 let's start something new. 

 So here I am, writing this down... before going on with my own style on my daily basis I'd like to share my thoughts on 2018 Golden Globes. The event was so beautiful with amazing actors and actresses. There are so many beautiful dresses and looks. I would like to share my top 10 in my on opinion (which can be differ from yours :)) 

Let's get started, 

This year majority of the actors and actresses were wearing black as a campaign and movement of gender equality and race. If you want to know more about the movement named "TIME'S UP" you can click it here

Okay so let's start the fashion show off.. here are my top 10 BEST FASHION on 2018 GOLDEN GLOBES 

And there you go, if you notice.. I fall for the dresses with velvet, lace, and flowing fabric. They are so beautiful yet effortless. 

If I should choose only one, I would totally fall for Geena Davis in Monique Lhuillier. The lace and the shimmering fabric all together creates so beautiful art & not to mention Geena accessories, hair and makeup are just a perfect combination for all. 

So who is your favorite Golden Globes look? Please comment down below and stay tune for another new post on my blog. Let's make 2018 be more productive and fun! 


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  1. Photo2 cantik... Berbagi vlog tentang Li River di Guilin China di youtube Dk3oSC17xdo
    Baca juga artikel di "stenote-berkata blogspot" in folder Desember 2017