Friday, September 6, 2013

MuiMiu Beauty feat ITS Diva Lashes Giveaway

Hi... to be honest I am not so interested joining a giveaway with random result. Maksudnya kalau yang menang dipilihnya berdasarkan some random engine gitu. Soalnya my luck is just never with me the whole time jadi kaya males aja gitu.

Eh tetapi begitu mommy mui bikin ini sama ITS Diva juga.. haduh gimana nolaknya donk ah.. there are gorgeous lashes gituuuu.. Ayo donk luck come to me please please please....

The chances are pretty big, there are 25 lucky winners and each of the winners get 2 boxes. So there are 50 boxes of pretty fake lashes to be given... ARGHHHHH *panic* hahahaha..

So I suggest you to rush to Mrs. Mui blog now (by clicking the picture below)! And check this giveaway.. let's share some luck with me

Wish me luck, yes?


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