Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Upcoming Abigail Audrey's 2nd Birthday: The Milestone

She will turn 2 years old under 3 weeks. Wowwww...

If I may recall the day when I felt my contraction, huhm.. that day... the day of stress, joy, excitement and curiousity.

Sunday, June 19, 2011. The day that I thought would be the day my baby girl would born. The day my contraction got real and the day I rushed to the hospital to opening check up. And ta da.... it isn't the day she was born. Hahaha.. I ended up stayed at the hospital waiting and waiting and waiting the opening will get wider.

The next day, June 20, 2011 would be the day? OB/GYN and midwives adviced to walk and walk and walk. Because walking can stimulate the opening to be faster and wider. So I walked, on the park in front of the hospital even I walked to the nearest mall and window shopping with my mom and hub with the tremendous back-ache and super giant belly. But who cares, I wanted the baby out nowwww... But, nahh.. Abbie didn't like Monday. So she chose to stay inside. *long sigh*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011. 5 AM in the morning. After 2 days of continuous contraction and pain OB/GYN suggested me to induce my labor. So early that morning, they took me to this observation room and started the inducing labor. Man.... the pain is... undescribe-able. I'd been contracting for 2 days, 2 nights, the gap is only about 5 minutes. But opening still in number 2. Stressed... I am.. But I seriously wanted my baby out in normal way. Finally after the second part of inducing labor, another CTG, and another ultra-sound OB/GYN  gave me choices. He said I may wait for days and days with the pains getting worse and for the hope I can proccedd the normal labor or I can choose C-Section which means the baby will be out now.

I cried and I cried and I cried.. then my mother soothed me.. She said, "if you really want normal labor you will have it but maybe not now. I gave birth twice, I did a c-section on your sister and I was able to normally labor you. Don't be afraid. Beside if you could normally labor now, would you have the energy after fighting with the pain?"

Then that night, the longest day ever in my life at 10 PM my baby girl was born. Healthy, happy, and pretty. She cried once the OB cut her cord and took her out of my belly. Mom was with me inside the OR and she said "She is Beautiful"

She is pretty. I never thought I could make a pretty baby hahaha.. Yeah finally after long long long days of waiting my journey has begun, being a mother.

Abbie is super loveable baby. She is so cute, not so grumpy. But the fact that we found out she had hernia-umbilicalis when she was 1 month old scared me. Doc said this is a common case happens to new born and it can easily vanish by having surgery. A new baby born on surgery?! Gosh... how come... 

And I don't know what strength has come to me but as a mother I took that option. Surgery it is when she was 1 month 3 weeks and 6 days. She has her first and hopelly last ever surgery to take the hernia-umbilicalis.

I found out that her terrible sleep, the cried, the panic was happening because of the pain she had caused by hernia. But since the surgery which was the best decision ever, she has grown into this beautiful, happy, smart, healthy baby.

Now she is almost 2 years old and she is super cute and super demanding hahaha. She is now able to choose which clothes she wants to wear. And she always asks for "tas" (bag) everytime we want to go out. Initially I was afraid she hadn't speak when she was 18mos. She was bubbling but the time is the time. Suddenly when she was 20mos she starts talking word by word, following my word. Now, she is able to say what she wants, well some of the words still chunk by chunk but hei she is perfect for me. What else do I want? God has given me the best daughter ever I can't complain anything more! 

Thanks for choosing me as your mom Bie. I love, will, and always do love you!

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