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The Unplanned Gateaway Always Works - The New Renovated Selabintana Resort, Sukabumi

Hi hi...

So on this post I will share how I suddenly become MIA hahaha..
On the mid of May, I found this cheap ticket to Jakarta. Usually the ticket from Malang to Jakarta and vice versa is never below than 800k IDR. So when I found it, it's like super yippie yeay.. and my hubba gave acc for a short holiday.

Then my unplanned gateaway began. I arrived in Jakarta on Thursday. The next day, I just said something silly to my dad about going away to Sukabumi and having a short vacation with the kiddos. Surprisingly, my dad who had been always lazy driving across the suburb, the one who had been complaining about the traffic, and bla bla bla said YES!

And he suggested to go that night. That Friday's Night! So I and my sis booked the villas in Selabintana, Sukabumi. Packed our things and road trip here we go.

We took of at 8 PM. The kiddos were not sleepy at all -.- We were going with our PJs. hahaha.. We expected to arrive in Sukabumi at 11 PM. But guess what, thank you for Jakarta's traffic at 11 PM we only got into the Jagorawi Free Way. I tried to stay awake and make funny stories to keep everybody awake. But I don't think I need to make any funny stories because the story was made by it self. Around 10 PM my Dad badly in need to pee hahahaha.. but we were in the middle of traffic so he decided pee on the bottle!!!!
I don't know whether he panicked or what but after he peed in the middle of traffic on the bottle he took the wrong free way. Instead of Jagorawi, he entered Cikampek. Sooo we had to turn back and it took 1 hour it self. Super stress but super funny.

The kiddos were finally asleep at 9PM for around 3 hours. In the middle of the night Biebie was awake and not long Fufu was awake. So there were us... in the middle of somewhere between Jakarta-Sukabumi, I and My Sis were super stress how my Dad drove his car. I mean, I know at night when we drive too slow it will make us sleepy. But seriously my Dad drove as if it was a circuit. So everytime my Dad speeded up, or tried to slip the other car we created this sound effect "waaaa... wiiiii.... woooo" all the time... *no wonder the kiddos can't sleep* hahahaha..

And thank God after 5 hours of crazy road trip we arrived safely at Selabintana, Sukabumi. I couldn't see any view because it was super dark. I just wanted to sleep. Biebie finally asleep around 2.30 AM and I slept around 3 AM.

The surprise

Ta Da it was a view straight from my room's balcony. So the crazy road trip was a total paid back! The view is amazing. I can see the mountain, trees, green green green everywhere.

We slept superlate last night but all of us woke up super early the first day because of the excitement.

Look at her face! hahaha.. I hadn't changed her attire since last night.

We were surprised with the new Selabintana Resort. The last time I went to this place when I was in Junior HS. The place was super old, kinda creepy but the scenery is always beautiful. But now, oh it is a total recommended resort. Well not that fancy kinda place but the room has improved a lot. Now they have this minimalize kinda theme. The bed is comfortable but I recommend to bring your own pillow because they have a super thin pillow which I don't like. 

We were staying at the VVIP Family Villas with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms here are some pics.

my bedroom actually the beds are seperated but I make it together for  biebie's safety. For the  Family VIP 2 bedrooms to bed are twice size of this. and each room has 2 queen size beds

this is my room to the balcony

the bathroom is nice, not fancy but clean

they just renovated the villas, so it's almost everything is new

it is the 1st floor family room with one bedroom and one bathroom. on the second floor 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom

Unfortunately, the villa doesn't have refrigerator or phone.. hhahaha.. Selabintana doesn't give any room service kinda thing. So I think it's very good for family retreat or some down to earth gateaway. It is fun to become together with nature.

We spend 2 and a half days on Selabintana. We just played with the trees, running around, swimming, taking pictures and eat. hahaha.. there are several good restaurants to be visisted in Sukabumi. My family has been their loyal costumers since I was in K-School. We had our 1st lunch at Athiam Restaurant, then we had our dinner of Mie Oyen. The next day we had a lovely lunch in a new place we just found out. It is located super near the Selabintana. It's called Saung Abah. The place is super fenomenal and awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't take so much picture of it. The food is good too for sundanese food. And the price is just right.

Saung Abah

So in the end I want to share some pics we took on our superfun unplanned gateaway

So that's all about the unplanned gateaway which always works for us. hahaha..

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy and give your inspiration for the summer break.

See you in August Selabintana.. xoxo

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