Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Prize from Pygmalion Land 8th Giveaway Writing Contest Sponsored by Masami Shouko

Yeay... I finally win something hahahaha.. This is a giveaway which I had to write about Good Brushes. And luckily I won! Horray because the prizes are very goooddd... Thank you very much Masami Shouko and Pygmalion Land.

Go Check Them Out!
Pygmalion Land is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger who held her 9th Giveaway about Make Up Contest

Masami Shouko is the make up artist super BFF. It has so many variant of what make up artist needs and all of them are super recommended.

Thank you thank you very much.

Here are what I got

1. Masami Shouko Travel Mirror Powder Case. The price of this item is Rp. 99.800

I love love love this Travel Mirror Powder Case, the packaging is so classy ye simple. You can use it as your powder for your loose or compact one. If you are as clumsy as I am than this powder case would be your saviour! If you are intersted with it just click the Masami Shouko Website and order one!

2. Item number 2 is the KOJI Spring Heart Waterproof Mascara. The price is Rp. 169.900

The packaging is uber cute, black and gold. I will try it ASAP!

3. And the last is Koji Spring Heart Falselashes with price Rp. 65.900.

Again the packaging is beyond than cute! And it also comes with glue so you don't need to worry much.

Please also watch this review I create for this giveaway:

So thank you very much dear Pygmalion Land and Masami Shouko for this giveaway! I love it!



  1. glad you like it dear :)
    ayo ikutan makeup contestnya

    1. wahhhh boleh ikutan lagi??? lgsg semangat ini hahahah.. thanks ya :*