Sunday, June 23, 2013

Red Lips Day Out

Who says you can't put your red lips for casual day out? lol
Well.. I dare enough to put on this statement lips for my family casual day out on Sunday.

From the moment I wake up in the morning, the only thing keeps going on and on and on is the red lips. The 20s make up! Thanks to The Gatsby. Since we hadn't had plan to go out today, I just thought to do a make up tutorial and film it. But I don't know why I just to lazy too film. So I browse the 20s make up, then I found Dita Von Teese's picture with her signature red lips. Ahhhh so adorable....

 Not so long after that my hubby asked me to go out for some casual family day out just for some ice cream then dinner. Oh yessss.. I can wear this red lips. Hahahhaa..

But again red lips can be tricky, if you wore it too it would be a disaster. As you can see on the picture, Dita keeps her make up simple and make statement on the red lips, a neat one. That could be a problem for me. I don't have a perfect lips shape. Seriously, my lips is so unappealing, but again thanks to concealer I can manipulate the shape lol.

So without further due this is my look today:

And here are the details

 I manipulated my lips shape a lot! hahaha.. you will see on my after make up picture. below. On this look I was wearing NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo, I love it so muchhhhh.. I love how it turns matte after several minutes and it doesnt leave stain on anything! I seriously tap my lips after it dries than nothing stay on my fingers Love love love it so much.

And after eating some ice cream and cake the color is still there. The faded area is the inner side of my lips which is fine because I can close them down and make the color blends together again.

For overall look these are the products I used:

1. I put on NYX HD Face Primer for the base since I was about to have outdoor activity
2. Then I put on the Skin Food BB Cream *it has become my favorite*
3. Some concealer since I have my hormonal acne and hiding my dark circles.
4. On the Eyeshadow I keep it light and simple using revlon palette
5. On the blush i just keep it peachy.
6. On this look I was using the Fake Lashes from KOJI Spring Sweatheart with the mascara too
7. Lips a born lippy lip balm before the nyx smlc monte carlo

And this is the picture after 5 and half hours of outdoor activity. I love the staying power of NYX SMLC Monte Carlo. Please get ready to see my tired face lol

Overall today was super fun, my daughter was super happy. She is directly off to sleep once we rode home. So here are the bonus picture of our Kasual Family Day Out lol... Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! xoxo

The place I visit is The Nieu Taman Indie, Araya, Malang - Jawa Timur


  1. Ci, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo-nya mirip ama Lip Stain-nya The Body Shop deh, pernah nyoba gak yang Body Shop?

    Oh ya, Lipstick Silky Girl-nya lumayan murmer, sekitaran 22ribu. Sorry yah aku reply disini comment ci di blogku, gak tahu kenapa gak bisa reply comment-nya ci X(


  2. oh ya? belom aku belom pernah cobain si bodyshop... ihiy gpp thanks ya infonya.. murmer bener yak... rasanya enak ga? mskdnya ganggu ga di bibir hehehe :P

    1. Rasanya Silky Girl Moisture Lipstick sih biasa aja, no fragrance. Aku sukanya karena dia gak berminyak, ga glittery, warna nya pigmented, tapi sayangnya stay colornya kurang lama, sekitar 3 jam-lah ci :(

    2. wah lumayan donk buat harga 22rb. langsung berburu nih. thanks ya dear infornya... kiss kiss.. followed your blog cus hehehe...

    3. Thank You ci ^^ Happy hunting deh, hohoho

  3. Bagus yaaa monte carlonya ^.^
    It really looks nice on you

    1. Iyaaaaa suka bgt aku.... apalagi pas udh nempel bbrp menit dibibir suedee matte gitu. Dgn harga segitu puas bgt hihihi.... thx yaaaaa