Monday, June 10, 2013

Make Up Tutorial: Spark of The Moon Dust

Hiiii... who is having special event this weekend or anytime soon? Raise your hand yeay yeay hip... is it only me who is akways excited when having a special event? Why? Because I can dress up and face up lol the best I could do. I mean, I am one of the kind who always prep everything and plan everything days before the D day. Like this month, my one and beloved daughter is having her 2nd birthday yeay. So beside the birthday preps I also think about me lol. I think about what make up should I put on, what dress should I wear etc.

So this moon dust inspiration is one of the many which comes over my mind. The beauty of the galaxy and the moon and the start have given some enchanting attraction. So here's what I got to make the beauty comes true.

What you should do:
1. Color all over your eyelid with something bright, i chose pink as matchy matchy to my dress. Make sure the color is pop
2. On the socket line color the line and outer V with something darker. I chose dark brown coffee color.
3. Then blend them together creating a magical purple color, beside we want to reduce the harsh line,
4. Highlite your inner corner near the tear duct and on the brow bone.
5. Draw the waterline using the white pencil liner thinly.
6. Draw a half black liner on your waterline and create the winked illusion to create deeper and more dramatic look like the galaxy.

7. Put on your falshies and mascara join ur lashes together.
8. I fill in my brows softly using brows powder. I want to emphasize the look on the eyelid so I keep the brows soft.

Basically that's the major importante part. On the face you just need to countour as usuall to create a slimmer looking face etc.

Now the lips, I have 2 options here. One is the soft nude pink lips which will make the look tones down or the red glamour lips which will make the look as a punch lol.

So which one you prefer to finish the look?
Looking foward for ur feedback *i mean seriously for my DD bday!*

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon and good luck

Check this video too


  1. yg nude pink lips bagus tapi keliatan lebih pede di bold ya ? hehehe

    1. hahahaha.. iya aku suka merah memanggg.. tp kecean nude pink ya???

  2. vote for nude! kalo merah kayanya agak balapan ama eyeshadownya ngrebut perhatian :p
    cii kalo boleh saran, itu kayanya fondinya ber SPF, ato 2 shades lighter than your own skin tone? soalnya difoto agak pektay, hehe, saran aku coba cari fondi yg no SPF buat foto dan warnanya kalo bisa yg second skin ama kulit biar ga pektay >.< boleh dicoba max factor yg lasting performance, dia oke and no spf. coverage jg medium. cakep!
    just my 2 cents yaa hehe, HTH! <3


    1. iya terlalu putih ya si fondie nya.. aku nyobain si chanel le blanc coverage sih bagus banget tp kurang cucok tone nya yaaa.. coba aku cari2 si max factor. Thanks ya dear for the advice... cupsss xoxo

  3. nude lips sexy elegant ci <3
    vote for nude! yay.