Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Make Up Tutorial: 1920s Make Up Inspired by The Great Gatsby Movie

Oh Yes, I am always in love with vintage, pin up hairstyle, suede red lips, hair piece, and all of those 20s regime. And once I know that there is a movie showing off all of that I just like "I must watch it... must must must"

So long to short, I challenge my self to re do the make up on the Great Gatsby of course with my style. I don't have any hair piece like in the movie. The movie accessories are super gorgeous and super beautiful. What I have is my daughter's headband and I feel it's quite vintage with the laces. lol. So without further due I will present this post with lots of pictures. Enjoy

And here is my before after picture

Can you see how magical make up has made me look? I look more confidence, brave, stylish, etc while without I look innocent and chubby hahahaha..

And this is the photo comparing my make up with the original movie make up
what do you think? Am I close enough?

Here let me give you some more, I am a camwhore lol

and a close up 

And this last picture is the products I used to create this look

Here is the video tutorial, I hope with this video you will get clearer point of view to redo this make up. On the video I also share how I reshape my lips.

Thank you very much for stopping by and don't forget to put some comment. I wan't to know your reaction lol. Advice for a better result also welcome. xoxo

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  1. Nice one! haha rock out that red lipstick beb!

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    1. Will do filia, thx for dropping by xoxo

  2. uaaa muantapp red lipsny, tyt itu dari nyx lip creamnya y, wahh harus mampir lg nih ke counterny

    1. iyaaa itu si monte carlo... my newest favorite hahahaha.. cakeupp warnanyaaaa.. maacih ya neng dah mampir