Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lips Alert; My Growing Lips Collection, Swatches, and Obsession

What is women's best weapon? Some might say make up, some might say clothes, but for me if I may declare my best weapon is lips color. Why? Because with lips color you can change your look from day to night, you can hide your pale sick look by choosing something bright to camouflage the pale. So the story begun this year 2013. I was not really into lips color because of the stain and the staying power, that was because I didn't know many of them. Until I figure out some of the best stain free and have great staying power.

If I may tell you the prolog of my obsession, back in 2011 when I got married. I was 22 and I love make up but I don't have much make up because my mom doesn't give me lots of money lol, seriously I just got like 20 thousands per day huhuhu.. but luckily I've earned my own income since I was in highschool. You know those "teen lit" when it was soo booming, I was one of the teen lit writer hahaha.. So I have some money but I didn't focus on my make up. I was focusing on bags and shoes. Yes another women's obsession, sadly I couldn't have them all at that time. So I chose bags and shoes instead of make up.

Then not so long after I got married, I found out that I was pregnant. So see you make up, I believe make up has so many chemical and I was afraid to use them while I was pregnant. After I gave birth, then I am focusing on my baby's development. Until she was 1 year old, I can finally reunite with my beloved make up because my daughter now can play imaginary with her dolls and toys when I can spend seconds on me hahaha..

The first time I saw my make up *Sigh*.......What I saw initially was the super sad lips collection
I got only 3 lips decent colors. The others were my moms and I believe it had been expired since I don't know when. So finally I decide to add more, until I realize I have been obsessing with lips colors.

I have 18 lips colors and growing. I am still waiting for my 3CE lip pigment and another NYX SMLC hahaha. I know, there are many of you make up addicts who have more lips color than I do. And I admire you!

Here are the list:
1. Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick Creme in Rose Velvet 130
2. Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick Creme in Pink in the Afternoon 415 (The color is sooo pretty)
3. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede
4. Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti
5. Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in 035 Blush
6. Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in 090 True Red (this is my favorite red)
7. Maybelline Coral Crush
8. Wet and Wild Pink Suga E9008
9. The Face Shop I eat Cherry Lip Tint
10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Addis Ababa (my favorite)
11. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Tokyo 
12. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Antwrep (my other favorite)
13. The Body Shop Delipscious Sheer Lips Color 01
and for the lips treatment
14. Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin Watermelon
15. The Body Shop Lip Balm Vanilla Bliss Limited Edition
16. Maybelline Baby Lips
17. The Body Shop Lip Roll On in Grape 
18. The Body Shop Born Lippy Pomegrante 

From 3 to 18 is a lot but I think it's all worth having. I mean today, as I am no longer a single woman and I have some extra time to focus on my look to please my hubby, lips color is pretty crucial *alibi* and as you can see the most color I collect is red. I love red so much, and I am a kinda person who brave enough to put on some eye catching lips. I don't have a perfect lips shape but again you can manipulate that *thanks to concealer and friends*

And here are my favorite sexy lips color

from the top to bottom: the face shop lip tint, revlon true red, revlon matte lipstick,  maybelline coral crush
as I have stated before my favorite is the Revlon Colorstay True Red because it stays well on my lips, although the staying power is not so good. My other favorite is the Revlon Matte Lipstick because it is matte! who doesn't love matte. My less favorite is the lip tint because once it dries, it's not that red anymore but I love it because it tastes and smells like you just eat cherry.

The other part of my lips collection is the nude.
Red is sexy but it's not always suitable for any occasion such as outdoor family gathering, or just dropping my baby to her school. So nude is also on the priority list to have. 
from top to bottom: revlon colorstay blush, the body shop delipscious sheer lips 01, NYX SMLC tokyo
For the nude my favorite is from the Body Shop because the texture is soooo goood and it smells good too. My second favorite is from revlon which color is so natural, it's just like my lips color. 

And the last part is when I want  some colors on my lips. The weapons I got are
From top to bottom: revlon tutti frutti, nyx addis abab, nyx antwrep
My favorite is actually the Addis Ababa but since Bubz (from Bubzbeauty) said that I look pretty on Revlon Tutti Frutti so I favorite that too! hahaha... The other one is the Antwrep which has this pretty pink color. What I love about NYX SMLC is the staying power. I was wearing it like 8 hours and eat twice but the color is still there. A lil fade but you still can see it so just once touch up is enough. But the negative effect that you have to always put your lipbalm before it because if you are not it will dry your lips pretty bad. 

So that's all about my lips collection once I got my 3CE lip pigment in mink beige and NYX SMLC in Monte Carlo (yes another red) I will do swatch for you!

Thanks again for dropping by, don't forget to write comment below and let's be friend! 



  1. aku nyari revlon lip matte red itu sekarang susaah bgt deh ci :'(
    padahal suka banget yang rednya itu. ga menoritaa pas dipake

    1. Oh ya? Mungki krna udh keganti sama si yg suede collection itu kali yak. Iya suka ama itu warnanya merahhh tp sweet sweet gitu yaaa

  2. Huaaaa, lipstick-nya bikin aku ngiler, ci...aku pengen beli NYX lipcolour ga kesampean mulu >.< Salam kenal dari sesama lipstick-fetish :)


    1. Salammmmm kenallll meluncur ke blog mu skrg hihi...

      Iya itu ok loh dgn harga segitu dan hasil yg didapet. Okeh okeh hahhaa

  3. wow..thats a lot! I do love buying and trying but it ended up staying in the drawer for the whole time or I'll give it to my sister or mom..haha

    1. That is our biggest issue, cant stop buying lol