Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Create Easy Summer Wave Hair

Yeay holiday season is super near and of course we want to look the best on this holiday who knows whom will we meet right????

But this could be a disaster if we don't prepare and get ready especially with the hair drama. Do you have a silky hair, hard to be styled and un-volumized??? Then... virtual high-five with me. I am.. I have those kind of hair which is so blehhhh. But don't worry sexy... I found ways to style it up in easy way of course. Who wants to bring the whole salon to their holiday.

What you need are giant hair clips, a heat unit like hair dryer or a flat iron, curly iron is fine too, it's better.

And here are the easy steps:
not: if you have the silky hair like me apply hair mousse before you start the iron
1. Parts your hair into 6 to 9 parts. Let the bottom part and clip the upper part.
2. On the bottom part, separate it into 2 parts left and right. Star heating up one part, don't make it to straight, you just want to heat up to make the wave process easier.
3. Then curl your hair, you may choose your style either inside curl or outside curl. And if you want to have a large wave curl your hair a slight bigger and if you want to have your wave slightly curl-ier, curl your hair more little.
4. You may spray your hair with hair spray if you want to. And let the hair set for 30 to 45 minutes. The longer the better.
5. Then after some times open your curl one by one. Don't comb your hair just use your finger to open the curl and create the sexy wave. You are ready!
note: if your hair is super duper silky add a lil bit more hair spray after you open up the curl just to make sure it's last longer.

For the detail fun part please watch this video!

Thank your watching and reading. Good luck for all of you and I dust you a love love kisses from here lol

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