Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Ready with Me - Momma Style -

Hei Hoooo...

What's up... lol... it's so late here.. 10.48 PM but I just got home from our casual day out with hubby and Abbie. Yeay... We are not weekend kinda family. I mean, we hate crowded places so we choose days which the places are less crowded hohoho.

So.. on this post I will share how I get ready. I was supposed to film a youtube but I am not so in the mood hahaha the result I just took some pictures for you.

Without further due let's get started. I start with the face division

Nothing fancy on the make up. I just put on my essence, moisturiser, bb cream, powder to set the base then some contouring on my nose brigde then eyeliner lips.

Products I used:
  • Laneige Water Bank Essence
  • Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion
  • Body Shop All in One BB Cream
  • ELF Compact Powder in Royal Beige
  • Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Brush Pallette
  • NYX Soft Lip Cream Matte in Antwrep
  • The Face Shop Lip Tint "My Lips Eat Cherry"
  • Maybelline Express Volume Mascara
Then here goes the hair. This is the interesting part. This hair is done without any heat at all. So this is curly hair heat free but with generous amount of hair mousse lol

So basically on your hair you just need to add some mousse then you just roll up the hair as I have shown you before how to achieve the summer wave video tutorial

But since I was too lazy to use the flat iron I just added the generous amount of hair mousse and I roll it up. Surprisingly it was success hahaha.. my hair curl's nice.

And as a mother of a toddler you are not getting ready for yourself but for you child too. As for me, I get ready for my daughter too. She is almost two but she knows exactly style. She knows what to wear, she chooses her own clothes and yes her style is fenomenal hahaha..

So today, I was getting ready 1 hour before we off. So I took a bath together with Abbie (lol this has become our habit to reduce the time consuming) then I prepare my hair and make up next is Abbie's hair.

Earlier this morning I got this idea of making a super big bow clips. I did and Abbie likes it. So I make a lil bun on her hair and I clip the bow. Super big bow but she has become cuter and cuter. Don't you agree??!!

So finally after almost one hour of getting ready we are done yeay...

Don't you see the sexy curl I got, can't believe it's heat free.
And here is the before after pic.
For me make up is not a mask to cover who we actually are. But for me with make up it helps to show to the world who we actually are and make up is the simplest form to respect other by giving the best of us -sanny-

Thank you very much for taking sometime reading my post. I hope you like it and don't forget to post some comments below. I'd love to talk to you! 


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