Sunday, June 2, 2013

Futuristic Hypercolor

Hi everyone, how are you all? It's been awhile since my last blog post. I am trully sorry. I was on my holiday to Jakarta so I lean back a lil bit forgetting routine and took a short gate-away. But don't here I come.

My post today is a dedication to Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Last month I joined their Make Up Challenge too with the theme of Dull to Doll, well I haven't had that luck so I try again this month. The reason of joining the MUC beside of the prize is I love challenging myself to create something new. I mean doing everyday make up is kinda boring. I do make up for myself without any intention. So doing something with an intention is fun and yes challenging.

So the June's theme is Color Your Style

The first thing comes into my mind is Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor. Days ago on instagram there are bunch of bunch crazy make up using this Hypercolor Brow and Hair Color. And I am, like, oh my God these are gorgeous. I mean, it is so outside the box but yet so beautiful. So take that as my inspiration for this challenge. Here is my look

This is my first time using a blue color on my brows. Unfortunately, I haven't had any hypercolor products. So I just use anything I have and try as best as I could to make the color pop. 

The Tutorial:
1. After setting the base on my face. I am focusing on my eyes. First I put on my concealer (MUA Concealer Stick) to cover my brows. Then I blend it out with brush, softly. 
2. Using a blue eyeliner (beautistyle blue eyeliner), I draw a thick brows.
3. I set the brows using a blue electric eyeshadow (MUA Glitter Ball Pallette)
4. On my eyelid I am using the same pallette and choose the color pink. I color all over my eyelid
5. On my lower lash, I draw a line using the blue electric
6. I draw a winked eyeliner using liquid eyeliner and also draw a sharp point on the inner corner of my eyes (Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner)

So here is the overall look. If you are wondering what lip color do I use. Te Tottt... I am not using any lip color. I am using the purple electric eyeshadow from MUA Pallette Glitter Ball. Before I apply the eyeshadow I use my favorite lip balm to protect my lips and make the eyeshadow color stay. 

So.. what do you think about my definition of "color your style" I hope you enjoy this post. Many to come, I hope I can manage my time to write more. 

Happy Summer Time and Good Luck


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  1. Your make-up is so stunning!! I'm so amazed with the result, I bet I couldn't create such looks without a mess with those colors. Pretty!

    Please kindly visit my blog and leave ur comment if u don't mind :)
    Menghindari Kulit Dari Sinar UV

    1. hi noniq... thank a bunch. It's not that hard loh.. hehe.. I was thinking of coloring my eyes with so many colors but i feel like euw in the end hahaha.. too many colors mean too messy.

      Yes i'd love to... flying to your blog now.. xoxo

  2. wow!! warnanya berani banget terutama itu eyebrow nya o.O
    tapi keren lho :D

    1. iya first timer nih nyoba bold color kaya gitu hhihihi.. thanks yaaaa... jd senang saya...

  3. Perpaduan esedonya bagus :D, gak kepikiran bisa warnai eyebrow . .

    find me here: