Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From Sketch to Face

Sketching, drawing, or whatever related to pens, pencils, and paper have always been what I want to good at. Unfortunately, I am not. My drawing, sketching skill is super average or even below.. huhuhu.. Well at least I remember when I was in 2nd grade of elementry school I joined this drawing competition and I ended won "Juara Harapan 2" hahahah which means the last winners. Well at least I am the winner, right? Just be proud of it.

So few days ago, I dare myself to draw again. And since I am very into make up, I tried to draw a face and color it with my make up tools such as eyeshadows, blush, and lip colors.

As the result, the drawing is super weird hahaha.. it's like a drawing of a kindergarden girl. +.+

I found out that sketching before applying the make up makes the result becomes better. Since I know what color to wear where. And I know how the final result should be. 

This is the make up. The golden bronze which I think will be suitable for your graduation look. It is a graduation month for high school, right?

If you find it interesting please drop a comment and I'll do the tutorials of it. 

So that's about the sketching. See how funny the picture is. Well I am not pro at least I understand the picture hahahaha.. even if only I understand it. 

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Ps. Using this look I am uploading a make up tutorial about how to put on your fake lashes well. It's still on progress will inform you when it's up. 

Thank you and goodluck!!!



  1. i prefer to do it using a face chart. it looks more real :)

    1. i can't draw my own face chart huhuhuhu... my drawing skill is just super average hahaha.. may be i could grab them from google ya... thanks for reading and the input anyway xoxo