Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fashion Note: Back to College

June almost ends and here come July the holiday month! Yeay yeayyy *I just follow the euphoria, I don't have holiday season as a mom haha* Anyway, today's post is about fashion.

If you know me personally you must have known my style. The kinda eccentric, colorful, and with heels. Yup, that's me. Back to 2007/2008 when I was in Uni most of my seniors talk behind me saying that I am a fashion disaster bla bla bla because I chose to wear something different to uni. Instead of wearing t-shirt and jeans, I'd love to wear some patterned red dress with black pump shoes. What is so wrong with that? But no heart feeling today. I just find that story is a life learning process for me.

So back to the topic, fashion back to college. Here are some of the ideas what to wear to the college/uni for the next academic year. It will start in August, right?

I have 5 different styles to be presented, but again these are my style. I will also give you the important fashion note in the end. So stay tune.

Style number 1. The Sophisticated Girl

 we start with a quite formal look. A high waist pencil skirt which I tone down with colorful heart shirt. This look's statement is happening on the shoes. As you can see I fashion it up with studs black ankle boots.The bag will support the colorful shirt I have with a matching tone of color and to emphasize the sophisticated look.

Style number 2. Artistry Classy Look
 This look is emphasizing on the scarf. The classic purple scarf with red strappy heels. This look is not too serious but also suits the classic theme. The blue leather with leopard print bag will make this look slightly fun and easy going.

Style number 3 Stole Boyfriend Style
Yup... this look is super comfy casual look. Wearing boyfriend tee or oversized t-shirt and matching it with tribal legging and wedges sneakers will be maximize the style. The black and creme bag will add some feminine final look.

Style number 4 Animal Madness
Nothing is too much about animal print and it's never out of style. Styling it by mixing and matching is totally fine with some toned down color as on this look I choose white, brown and creme as the red line to mix the zebra, leopard, and tribal pattern.

Style number 5 Ethnic Casual
 Indonesia has so many beautiful pattern and styling it up is totally fun. I tied my mom's shirt to make it more casual and pair it with my flats to emphasize my casual for a fun look.

My fashion note for summer 2013 is still monochrome, color block, wedges sneakers. But again fashion may come and go but your style will be in you forever. If you find that the fashion is not suitable for you body shape or your own style then just don't follow it. Follow what you love, because every look will look phenomenal if you add lots of confidence in it.

As an example, I have some extra weight body shape, so when I want to wear monochrome I have to choose which pattern will not give me more weight. As long as I know the only monochrome suits me is the horizontal one.

Finally, thank you very much for stopping by and read my post. Again, I am not fashion stylist nor fashion expert. I just want to share what I love and passion about. Drops some comment and let's talk! lol

Love you all,

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