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English Department Faculty of Education Atma Jaya Catholic University, My Bitter Sweet with You

Alert! This post will be a long one :P I am going to share a moment in my life that makes me who I am now. The bitter sweet of never ending life learning. So if you are ready, buckle your seat belt and let's go.

It was actually begun in 2006, when I was in my 2nd grade of highschool. I was taking a vocational highshool which means I had to go on internship program in my 2nd grade and 3rd grade in order to accomplish my study. So there I was, a lucky girl with super bad English but the chosen one to have the internship on British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. How could I be the one since my English was super duper blah - my grammar was super duper messy? Because I have the confidence to speak. hahaha. I didn't care the grammar as long as the expats understand what I mean so that's it x.x

 This is the beginning how I love English as a beautiful meaning language. At that point I know I have to fix my English. So with the support from the BritCham team (thanks Kak Dian, Kak Ross, Kak Ruben, Ibu Yani, Mr. Gary, Pak Lukas) they allowed me to join their Toastmaster. Shorter story this is too how I know Atma Jaya which is located just next door from Britcham office. And I knew that Atma opened its early registration and Atma has this program for some students who have above average score to enter the faculty without any test. Oh yeah for that, I always nay nay to any test test so once I heard about that I submitted my score (which was luckily above the average) and yeay in end of 2006 I was accepted in English Department Faculty of Education. I never thought what would it be. I never thought to be a teacher. Even I didn't know that ED is all about teaching program hahahaha.. super silly me. But this how my real life adventure/learning begins.

August 5, 2007 or a day after my birthday was the day when I entered Atma Jaya as a college student for the first time. I didn't realize that this was the bitter sweet lesson which makes my life superb!

As batch 2007 I never thought of getting involved in the organization, or being part of a committee or anything. I just followed the flow tried my best to pass all of the classes. But I didn't know which star luck had fallen on me. I and several of my friends were the chosen ones to join the English Festival 2007. The best committee I had ever join in Atma Jaya. Thanks to Ronald who suddenly signed out as music man and also thanks to Mr. Antiss and Mr. Charles for the trust. So I and my besties had a super fun time on this English Festival. Although I cried minutes before the performance started because I had this silly panic attack. Sr. Sally as the director might had nervous too while we had our last rehearsal I pressed the wrong button so it gave a wrong song and I freaked out when she yelled at me. What a super silly moment.
what we did on the backstage instead of working we were playing with the props. That's Ignes, Helena, and the crazy korean Min Jin lol 
Studying in Atma Jaya is never easy. Trust me! But it's never that difficult too. I mean, I and some of my friends can graduate in 3 years, SO DO YOU! What you need are effort and willing to work hard. If you are Atma Jaya's students too you must know the system right. The old-fashioned catholic kinda thing but when you accomplished all of those barriers you will figure out that is life. You will never get anything easy on your life. You have to work hard and lil bit harder to be someone. 

And another thing I learned during my study in Atma Jaya is about following your gut, trust yourself, ignore the haters. I tell you that I know I had lots of students talking about me behind me *.* I was this eccentric kinda gal. I dressed up to uni and hey I didn't care any other people say about me. I mean, sometime I was sad how could they be so rude to even call me "fashion disaster" but yeah once again that's life. If everybody is nice to you, that means you live in heaven. 

At that point I just ignored them and just being me. And those talking which encourage me to show them what can I do. So around 2009 I was submitting my CV to one of the largest Fashion Magazine in Jakarta to be their internship candidate in Fashion division and ta da... I got it. I finally proved to them that I was not "fashion disaster" I was just a college girl with a slightly different style with the others. When some girls wear casual jeans and tee, I wear red eye-catching dress with black pump heels, what's so wrong with that? But again, that's the lesson of life. Nothing is not talking if you on their eye-spot, just take the positive that they care about you lol. But really no hurt feeling now. 

So the years gone by. I finally at the end of my semester. Oh yah, one more hint for you if you are reading this and you will enter Atma Jaya next August as a new comer. Tips for you is keep in your mind to accomplish your classes. Do not think ever to re-join the class and take as many SKS as you could. I guarantee you will graduate soon! I and some of my friends keep that in our mind. We took as many SKS as we could and even on the short semester. I know it will be super tiring but you will be free soon. I mean what is wrong to be a hard worker in 3 years of your life while you can spend the rest of it resting, right? Come on! I can do it with extra work as teachers, private teacher, office worker, you can do it too. With extra work and support from your lecturers who will guide you. You can!

Talking about support from lecturers is true. It's another sweetness I had in the uni. I know *again* people was talking that I am this ass-kisser kinda student. Well I am not.. I am just this nice girl hahahaha who want some support and advice on my study. And as the result I got what I dream of. Lecturers in the university is the best advisor for you. What you need to do are: 1. respect them as your parents at home, 2. believe their advice. I know sometime you feel that lecturers are too lecturing. You feel that you've paid them to teach you but te tottt.. those point of views are so wrong. Lecturers are your parents in Uni, so respect them and listen to them so you will get the best of it and of course if you listen to them they will also listen to you.

I thank Ibu Nila for her super duper support on my study, Pak Setiono as the best Scientific Writing Advisor, Ibu Kris as my momma in uni hahaha, Ibu Awied for her guidance during my PPL, Pak Antes and Pak Charles for their trust on so many committee I'd been involved, Ibu Tetti, Ibu Sari, Ibu Endang, Pak Kiman, Pak Ridho, Pak Bambang and many many more. They are all the best. Even now I keep asking for educating my daughter with them hahaha. They are the best, seriously.

And so finally I had my defense day. The day I'd been waiting for 3 years.

3 years in Atma Jaya had brought me into an English Teacher in Tarki, Don Bosco, Budi Luhur, Intership Assistant in Fashion Magazine, Website Editor in Roche Pharmaceutical Company, and the most important part this 3 years are the 3 years I learned to be a better person in life to know effort will give the best result. And thanks for all of my friends during the war hahahaha Indah, Icha, Ignes, Paula, Mia, Helena, Min Jin, Lauren, and many many more. I love you guys.

And this is the result you can see, my 3 years-transformation in Atma Jaya

And finally the year of 2010, this was a speedy year for me hehehe.. I won my defense in August, I got married in September, Had the formal graduation ceremony in October, and I found out that I was pregnant in November. So yeah.. that was pretty awesome year. Once again all I got is always from the hard work.

I think that's all about my Atma story. Hope you find it inspiring *hahaha* Again never give up and stop the hard work. You will gain what your pain has given you.

Thank you so much for reading.


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