Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY Creme Eyeshadow

How to make the eyeshadow color pop... haishhh... the color is super gorge on the pallette but once we swatch it on our skin why the color's gone???!!!!

Having this kind of problem too? Tired of faded color? Have you tried primer but it still faded?????

Hahaha.. I feel you baby! Sometimes I want the color pop so bad I put so many primer that finally make my eyes look super white *sigh* until I realize why not make it creamy? When the eyeshadow meets liquid the color will pop and it will stay right? *my logic, sometimes it's wrong* but hei why not trying. So here is my first try of changing my eyeshadow type from typical eyeshadow into creme eyeshadow. Enjoy!

Curious? Why not grab your favorite one and do it now.

I want to share a mini tutorial about this eyeshadow too. I am using it to create a sun-kissed look. Since summer is just around the corner. Oh I love summer... yeay... Enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to subscribe my youtube!

Thanks for reading and watching all..


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