Monday, June 17, 2013

Brows 101: Face Changing by Changing the Brows

Have the tired feeling of having the same look over and over and over again? Need a breakthrough but nay nay to plastic surgery or any other beauty procedure. How about brows changing? What I mean of brows changing is changing the shape of your brows. If you are a youtuber and spend some of your time browsing the tube following Michelle Phan you must have seen her video about the "different brows, different faces". What I am about to post is more or less talking about the same thing. How your brows as the frame of your face.

If you are wanting a dramatic make-over the first simple step is by changing your brows either you just trim it, wax it, or changing the shape of it.

Here is the picture of me.. Browless... hehehe.. I have super thin brows since I can remember so since I know the magic weapon called Brows pencils, brows powder, and brows gel, they have finally become my ultimate saviour and bff.

As you can see, a face without brows is just like a painting without frame. You can't see the final look, you don't know what is the goal of the look. Either I want to be looked fierce or sassy or classy or fun or what.
So the brows are the statement of your make up. That's why keep your brows neat and in shape are crucial.

Here is the first look of shaping my brows. This look is more like my everyday look. This is what I often shape my brows. Slightly thin and I love using black brows powder or eyeshadow to fill in my brows since I have trimmed them regularly.

The purpose of this look is more to be casual kinda day and easy going nothing to be emphasized.

The second look is more bold. The thicker and blacker brows with more curve. Guess what is the purpose of the look?

Yup, I want to be looked fierce. So I emphasized my brows with extra curve and thickness so once I glance to you. You know! hahaha.. anyway.. so this look is very suitable for night's out or any formal event.

The third one is more straight serious kinda way. If you are teacher or business-woman who need serious statement so people won't doubt you. This brows shape will suit you well.

And the last one is the popular one these days. The K-Pop or Gyaru brows style, if I may call?I am not a fan of K-Make Up honestly so I don't know hehhee. Well this shape is actually not to emphasize your brows.  The brows are just just slightly drawn in wide shape but without fill in them too much and the color shouldn't be black.
In the end, it's back to you which one is the most suitable one for you and the look. If you find this more suitable for that of course you may.

Thank you very much for reading. I'd love your comments and advices too! So drops some.



  1. Wow.. Jago banget gambar alisnya.. Aku jg browless nih.. T__T
    Tp msh berlatih menggambar.. Sering kyk sinchan jadinya.. XD
    Nice post..

    1. practice makes perfect hahahaha... aku juga baru2 ini ada explore banyak bentuk dan gaya ya karena michelle phan itu. Ayok semangat hehehe! Thanks ya for reading *kiss*

  2. Alis fav aku yg no. 4 buat sehari2 selalu aku gambar kayak gitu hihi... Tinggal ikutin arch aja n natural...

    Nice post! ^^d

  3. aku suka nomer 2 sama 4 hihi sexy eyebrows
    makeupnya seger ci.
    lipsticknya syuukaaa <3

    1. thank you ivaaaa... aku juga suka sama make up kamu inspirationallll hahaha.. Thanks for dropping by yaaa.. kiss kiss

    2. cieee cieeeeeeeeee.... kiss kiss *akakakaka* maak alisku yg nomer berapa disituuuu?

    3. Alismu mah terlalu sensasional hahaahha sulit untuk ku remake