Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beauty 101 and Make Up Tutorial: How to choose a functional palette

Hellow dearest beauties junkies or make up addict. How are yaaa'llll????

Soooo today.. I am going to talk about eyeshadow palette. How much is enough and how many is too much? Well actually what I am going to talk is the super must have eyeshadow palette and how to work on it.

As you know the best make up is the neutral one. Make up doesn't mean hiding anything from who you really are. Make up is just a tool to help you show the best of you. That's why there is concealer to help you conceal your dark circles, redness, pimples, and any unwanted mark from your face. So when it's hidden your face will the the flawless look. That's why too don't over do make up because you don't want to look like wearing a mask, do you?

Anyway, back to the topic. If you are a newbie on this make up tingy or if you are about to be make up addict you must have this kind of eyeshadow palette. The neautral colors. The variants colors of brown and so.

and the swatches of all the products above

These are mine. As you can see even though I already have one palette of the neutral but I never feel enough. The first palette is the Revlon 015 Blushed Wines Colorstay 12 Hours Eye Shadow. That is the oldest one from any of my make up. If I am not mistaken I purchased it around 2009 and I used it like almost everyday when I off to Uni or to the office. The others are Maybelline Hypercolor Diamonds in BR-2, Revlon Luxurious Color Satin Eyeshadow, and ELF Jumbo Pencil Eyeshadow in Feelin' Lucky & French Lace. 

Another recommended eyeshadow palette for these variant is the NAKED & NAKED 2, The MUA Undressed which is the dupe of Naked 2.

The ELF Jumbo Pencil Eyeshadows are the one I've been using if I am in hurry because it's very easy to use and the texture is so creamy and I easily blends it. If you are curious how I use this ELF please watch this video about The 3 Minutes Make Up Challenge Tag

And the Revlon Luxurious Color Satin has another function beside as eyeshadow. I often use it as the bronzer. Since the color is not so pigmented as eyeshadow and it gives great shade for contouring.

The Maybelline Hyperdiamonds is the one I will talk a lot on this post. What I love about this palette is you can create the whole eye make up only using this palette. So it's very suitable for travelling.

Here is the tutorial I create using the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds in BR-2

and the result

Isn't it amazing how a palette can create the whole look. From the brows to the liner.
If you are not a reading kinda person or if the picture's resolution is too small please watch this video tutorial I've created for you.

Yup, so if you are looking for new eye palette and you haven't had any of these color purchase one! or if you already have one why don't you have another one. lol. Thank you very much for reading and watching. I hope you find it informative and entertaining :) Talk to you soon!


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