Saturday, June 8, 2013

10 Signs that You are a Stay-at-Home-Mother

1. You will think super hard what to cook for tomorrow. When I was in Uni what I thought before bed is what to wear tomorrow.

2. A long relax bath is the sweetest present if you could do it at least once a week.

3. Playing teatime is the new routine every evening replacing the real tea time

4. You will count how many times your Lil One has pooped and pee-ed

5. A 9 PM sleep happens because you are giving up your Me Time. Pre-Motherhood 9 PM was the time we spent with friends to hangout and etc while on motherhood 8.30 PM is when the baby just sleeps and when you start your me time. I prefer give it up for some early sleep.

6. You spend most of your time playing with your Lil One which bring all the childhood back. This is what I love

7. The most stressfull thing is when your Lil One refuses to poop!

8. Cleaning up the room is like the non stop activity to be done.

9. You have the most various job description: cooker, hair stylist, fashion stylist, room decoration, teacher, consultant, financial planner, and you may name it!

10. Seperating from your Lil One is like the most torturing punishment that ever happens to you!

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