Sunday, May 12, 2013

Smokey Eyes My Way

Hiii pretty ladies... Welcome back..
On this post I will show you how do I create smokey eyes, simple, easy, and fun way. 
Hope you like it and enjoy!

Okay without further due let's get started!
1. apply the concealer  on your eyelid to cover the dark circles. I am using MUA concealer stick.
2. I start with a DIOR Crayon Kohl pencil eyeliner in black then I smudge the line using Cerro Queen pointy soft brush.
3. Using grey eyeshadow I color my eyelid then blend it well.
4. I take my blackest matte eyeshadow and I draw my outer V using smaller brush then I blend the black and grey color using a clean blending brush
5. Now you just need to curl your lashes and put on the mascara that will volumize your eyelashes. You may put on your favorite falsies too if you want.
6. So that's all for my smokey eyes.

So I just make this post short and to the point because I am sleepy hahaha.. and my hubby keeps asking when will you go to bed lalalalala... 

Don't forget to check out my youtube channel. There are some tutorials and beauty tips here and there. 

Thank you for reading and goodluck!


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