Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lips Tutorial II: The Famous Ombre Lips

Ombre thingy is so popular these days. From cake to lips to hair color. So from kitchen to beauty. Yup yup..
I admit it, the ombre thingy is soooo pretty. But I haven't had the gut to try the ombre hair color. Really want to but I don't dare enought plus I love my hair hehehe.. It looks so virgin now -.-

Anyway back to the topic, if you have read my Lips Tutorial I about to achieve the perfect lips shape then it will be super easy for you.

Without further due let's get started

The steps by steps are from the top left to right then bottom left to right
1. As usual protect your lips with your favorite lip balm.
2. Put on a darker lips color on the outer line of your lips. 
3. Put on a softer lips color on the inner lines of your lips.
4. Close your upper and lower lips and do that move like in the picture (i don't know the name of the gesture lol)
5. I put on my lip roll on to create the shiny effect but if you want to skip it feel free

And the result in better lighting isss.....

And there you go the sexy shiny ombre lips.
You may try another color which is softer like this
the purple with soft nude inside
Just remember that the outer lines have the darker color than the inner and you mix them together.

So basically what you needs are

1. Concelaers and foundations to reshape the lips shape and to conceal your acnes or redness or other flaw
2. Powder to set the base
3. Lip balm to protect your lips skin before any other make up product
4. Darker lips color for the outer lines
5. Softer lips color for the inner lines
6. Lip roll on for the shiny effect (you may skip this)

So that's all. This ombre lips is simpler than baking the ombre cake. Trust me!


So thank you very much for reading. Hope you like it and good luck!


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