Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lip Tutorial I: To Achieve The Perfect Lips Shape

ze before lips shape

One question for you. Who are you reading this have no lips shape like I do? If you do, raise your hand!

Seriously I don't have the lips shape huhuhu.. and I have thick lips. So if I just put my lipstick the way it is, it will be super weird and so not proportional. Well if I have face like Scarlett Johanson maybe I have that confidance. 

So, here I am, try to share my lips routine to create a proportional yet perfect lips shape. 

See, my lips. It doesn't have the shape but I never give up lol.. I can recreate the shape thanks to lipstick and lips brush.

You want to know how, here we go

The Tutorials:
1. Put on you lipbalm to protect and moisturize your lips.
2. Cover the skin area around your lips with concealer and also use this concealer to reshape your lips.
3. Blend the concealer using concealer brush
4. Prepare your lips for the lipstick
5. Put on your favorite lips color
6. Re-shape your lips shape again using concelaer brush and blend it well
7. Here we go, the perfect shape of the lips.

Compare the before lips shape I pretty satisfied with the result. Why don't you try and manipulate the look? lol

Enjoy, hope you like my post and feel free to drop some comments. I'd love to talk to you.

Planning to create a new post on Lip Tutorial II: The Ombre Lips. Stay tune!

Thank you for reading and good luck.


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