Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Love with Spring/Summer

Say Yeay to bright colors... I love love love them so much... Because brighter colors will create brighter looking and sweet you.

So I was trying to create a look with these gorgeous colors (emerald, pink, and blue). I was planning to do a whole face make up tutorial.... BUT...... plan is a plan...when I was filming my baby... awake (again....) *yes I am always filming when she is napping because that's the only free time I have. hehehe.. When she is active and wide awake I am on my momma-mode :))

In the end.. it is a half face make up tutorial.. well at least you can see the before after directly and I believe with or without makeup if you put the best smile you will look amazing.

Let's get started on the step by step focusing on the eye. Because the face is just standard. I didn't do countoring on this look. I want to create a fun, light, easy looking for this one. 

1. After concealer and eye primer I put this gorgeous green emerald color on the outer V of my eye. 
2. Then the beautiful pink color on the inner corner to the middle lid.
3. I blend using the clean blending brush to create gradation 
4. Using blue ocean color I color my lower lashline and draw a little wink in the end.
5. Shimmering pink for the inner corner near tear duct to create super bright look
6. Finish the eye look using blue pencil liner to color my upper lash line and dont forget mascara

How do you like it? I love it because it is fun... I love doing fun look. I mean, I am a mother but I don't want a look like a boring mother lol.... 

So have fun on the summer. Don't forget sunblock or any other UV protection! 

Products I use for the eyes:
1. Green emerald from bodyshop
2. Pink from anna suir
3. Blue Ocean from MUA Glitter Ball
4. Blue Pencil Liner from Beautistyle

Please drops some comments, I'd love to talk to you!

For the video tutorial please click here *im sorry I can't embed it on this i don't know why* 

And thank you for reading.


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