Friday, May 3, 2013

IBB Make Up Challenge May 2013: Dull to Doll

Huahhhh... I am suppa suppa excited when Indonesian Beauty Blogger holds their MUC, this time is about a doll look. You know, these days there is a picture of barbie with and without makeup and there is also a super inspiration from K-Pop of having super big eyes, a very doll look. 

But I don't know that Korean Doll Look is just not me. I am not really into super big eyes and stuff. For me a definition of doll look is a fresh, kinda porcelain skin tone, cheerful and fun. 

So here is my Dull to Doll (prepare my before look don't get shock lol)
I use my daughter's headband to be a lil be cuter xP

Yup, as you see my before look is more pale and less color. So I try green, purple, blue and pink to doll up my face. And of course some fake lashes. I am sorry if this is not the actual definition of doll. But if I could be a doll, I wanted this look. Fresh, fun, and colorful. 

Here on the details
I was trying to create a super wings with some colors. On the upper line I am using green colors, on the lower line I am using blue and create double wings. Booo Hoo for my lighting, the colors don't pop as in real. For the lips I just wear simple matte pink from lip cream and I shape it in barbie style.

trying some pose

The more I enjoy this look the more I love it. I think it is wearable on my daily life, if I dare enough. Of course without wearing the headband and some proper clothes it will be very super cute.

So I hope I have a luck and chance on this IBB MUC May 2013.

Wish me luck!



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    1. Senangnya dibilang cantik. Thank you yaaaaa.... doakan sy hihi *ky mau ap aja ya*

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you yaaaaa.... btw i love ur blog! Xoxo

  3. Paduan warnanya kayak candy^^ yum yum
    Good luck ya!

    Tapi bannernya sepertinya lupa dipajang... :)

    1. Pk banner ya aduhhh kurang perhatian nihhhh... where to get the banner yaaaa? Thx bgt lohhhh

    2. Iya, bisa download yang ada di grup tapi resolusinya kecil sih, atau ke website ibb aja, di sana ada yang resolusinya lebih besar :D

    3. Yup got that! Thanks ya untung diingetin hihi thx bgt

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  5. semoga menang yaaa ^_^


    1. Aminnnnnn.... thanks for ur support!


  6. sis itu klo ikut lomba harus jadi anggota IBB dulu yaa?

    1. Uhmmm aku ga tau sih sejujurnya, tp aku belom jd member IBB hehehe seru seruan ijut ikut aja. Klo kepilih puji syukur bgt klo belum ya lain kli lagi hihiho.... yuk kamu ikutan juga aja

    2. iya soalnya aku mau coba ikut tp bukan member IBB sih.. makasih infonya :D