Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fashion Note: Mixing and Matching

Hi there, how are you? Thank you for coming back lol

So today I will post about my fashion passion. You know, since I don't have type of model or even proportional body figure so I have to a lil bit creative with my style. I am slightly over weight especially since I was giving birth (well that is not an excuse) but I tried to get back to my pre pregnant body but I is so hard when you can't have proper excersice. Sooo anyway I don't want to push to hard and just enjoy being a lil chubby here and there.

On this post I will share how I manage to create several looks using only 5pieces of clothes and some pretty shoes. Are you ready?

so here what I got:
1. a scarf
2. a belt
3. a cardigan
4. a black pant
5. a black inner

I also prep my shoes to dazzle the look.

my daughter gets to excited with the heels
so here are the looks that I will share and explain to you:

From the top - left: I call it the vogue, I mix the black inner with a messy style kinda scarf, bun up your hair and you are ready to have some fashion meetings. I also wear my red pump heels to become a statement on the overall look

Top - Middle: I call it Super Momma. It is just a typicall of mother's style. An inner, cardigan, and black pants without any dazzle tuzzle but I manage the look to be some extra super with this super cool black ankle boots with studs. So you may be a mother but you can be stylish

Top - Right: I call it casual Sunday. A boring cardigan can be super fun what you need just a lil twist. So I just change the belt on the Super Momma Look with a twist on the cardigan and you ready for a fun family day on Sunday.

Next Bottom - Left: It is my typical teacher look. I was a teacher 3 years ago. I taught young children so super extra fun look is the must. And if you are a teacher with some extra activity afterwards like meeting friends or casual date this look must be on your list. Dazzling it up with strappy red high heels to support your activity and don't forget the wise accessory, mom's pearls.

Bottom - Middle: This look is what my daughter puts up for me. She asked to put the belt outside the cardigan. And ta da I think it is suitable for some formal family occasion. With the red strappy heels.

Bottom - Right: The look I call Dazzling. *I just love the word dazzle on this post* Btw, yup.. if you are having a plan of doing some fun tonight. Date night or hangout night with some friends. This look is so you! just put on your inner, pants, statement red pumps heels and an eye catching collar necklace you are ready to go. 

So from the six looks which one suits you the best. Feel free to drop some comments. I'd love to talk to you. 

Beauty is not about how do you look but it's what inside your heard. Keep happy and positive be the prettiest woman in your life!

Thanks for reading all


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