Friday, April 26, 2013

The Vanity Trove Story

Beauty Boxes have arrived to our beloved country and one of them is Vanity Trove. I was super excited subscribing this beauty box because this one is originally from Singapore. And many bloggers have found it very joyfull. Sooo nothing to hold I subscribe monthly, since I hadn't known the quality, beauty perspective, etc from Vanity Trobpve Indo, so I just wanted to know first.

I subscribe and paid on 15 March, then the April had arrived. In the month of April VTI will send the May Edition a.k.a the very first edition, they claimed it to be special 200 boxes for lucky ladies.

The expected date of arrival was between 21-25 April, I thought maybe because I live in the suburb area I would have it in the end of the expected date. And until 25 April I regreted myself, why didnt I ask them to deliver the bpx to my home in Jakarta, whyyyyy.... Because yup until 25 April I havent received my box.... But story hasnt ended yettttt...

I was asking about my box on twitter and IG both to harumi and VTI then I got phone calls.

First from this man, I dont remember his name, I am so bad on remembering name. He admitted that my box had been delivered and received on 22 April..... and suddenly @#^$*/*€$!×& whattttttt!!!!!!!!

Then I explained that I hadnt receives and there is no one at my home named the receiver.

I asked that man to recheck the address, since there 2 exactly same address name in Malang but different area. So I wanted him to make sure.

Couple minutes later another VTI reps called me this one is a girl and I also forgot her name. She claimed to make sure I will receive the box in time and make it clear.

And another phone call from Mbak Anin, i remember her name because she texted me 1st. And she wanted to know what happened lalalala...*in a good way*

Then finally after not longer than 3 hours I got clarification from the sender.

They had missent my box *boooooo* but the good news they had it back and will send asap to me.... but they couldnt quarantee that I will have the box on 25.

So long to be short,,, I finally got my beauty box on April 26! Well it's okay for me, I got to see the video tutorial from VTI first to know what to expect.

Many thanks to the staffs who have responsible and professional handling this silliness.. hope it wont happen anymore.

So about the box itself, as I expected.
I subscribe only for 1 month, i live in the suburb so the delivery cost must spend more, so i dont expect any to fancy in the box such as shu uemura or clinique.

But the goodies I got are quite satisfying. I mean it matches my needs

The make over pink angelic eyeshawod which I love the color so much. Pink is kinda my color.

Then the laneige water bank which matches my dried skin, it is possible to be my hero. Let me try first.

Then make up pouch, makarizo hair products, elize falsies, some vouchers, and mini parfume. Not bad at all.

I am willing to continue my subscribtion but i want to try anpther beauty boxes too... :))

Ps. I am planning to create a look by using the make over pink angelic on my youtube channel soooo stay tuneeeee...


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Here are the pics.

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