Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lips Alert

Huhm... Yummy, Soft, Moist, Kissable Lips.. who doesnt want to have that?

Well if you do.. it's not as easy as flipping your hand. It takes effort and lots of love to treat your lips.

Lips are the best asset a lady may have. It is the center of attention but yet it is easily get hurt. huhuhu.
Seriously, as you know lips will look great if you put colors on it. And too many colors without protection can cause damage. Your lips can turn black, dry, hurt, and many other bad effect. I am sure, you won't to have that.

So here I would like to share my armors to protect and treat my lips nicely.

1. Bodyshop lip roll on in grapes. This is one of the best. It gives you the best moist effect without giving you that sticky lips. It smells so natural just like you put those grapes juice on your lips. But it has no color totally transparant and it looks to glossy if you just put it like that without any color. It will give you the post-fried-eating look. lol.. So I suggest you to wear it as after lipstick so it will give you lipgloss effect and again without the sticky lips. Oh I love that.

2. Bodyshop Born Lippy in Pomegranate Lip Balm. It is an okay lip balm for me. I mean, I always put lip balm after taking a bath and before going to sleep. And this is always my option beside the vanila bliss. But since it has color in it (ish) I alway put it on when I want to wear my red lipstick to support the pop color. It smells okay but if I wear it too much it's kinda sticky after it dries. So yeah... just an okay for me. And I alway remember to not wear it to much.

3. Bodyshop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm. This one is the limited edition is I am not mistaken. Yeah, I asked my sis to buy it because it is limited edition. The flavour is so vanilla.. it has no color in it but the moist effect is just amazing. I have this matte lip cream that if I do not put on my lip balm before it will suck my lips and make it totally dehydrated. I tried my other lip balm but the best that protect my skin from that lip cream is the one and only vanilla bliss. So she is one of my lip balm bff. :*

4. Maybelline Baby Lips. Again this one is just an okay lip balm. It has no color on it, and it causes some sticky effect if I put it to much after it dries. So I am not using it too often. Just when I am not into anything and not into doing anything. I just put little of it to protect my lips then off to sleep or off to cook *sooo momma life*

5. Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin' Watermelon. Oh this is totally what would I wear when I am lazy and into natural look. I don't need to put any lips color anymore and my lips will naturally pop. Well kinda fuschia. But I love it, it is quite stain-free.. yeay to that.. I ate a bowl of noddle this morning with it on my lips and after a bowl it was still there. Yeay.. after 2 to 3 hours and some sweaty activity it's gone. But I am okay with that. It's a moisturiser lips y'll.

6. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple. This is one is amazing hahahaha.. I mean well it's not really a lip treatment for staying at home. But when I am in hurry and I want to look fab but still keep my lips protected I will always put this on (also considering what I wear) The color is orange-ish and the great it doesn't need lipbalm before wearing it because it gives you buttery feeling and your lips skin is kinda absord those yummy taste buttery and never ever gives my lips sticky effect yet dry effect. So I am totally loving it.

And yes back again to what I have said earlier.. Your lips have to yummy too.. hahaha..

Here are some of the yummy lips.. Anyway I love the ombre one.. Will do a special post about that. So stick around with me.. *just like those sticky effect lip balm* lol
this is a look that I love lately.. unfortunately I havent had a chance to wear it on the real life. 

This is how you manipulate your lips and draw the gorgeous shapes

So that's about the lips alert. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading it.


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  1. hello, thanks for sharing <3
    maybelline babylips doesn't feel sticky on my lips and i do really love it ^^ it is my best lipbalm currently hehe~

  2. thank you for your comment babe! i would love to visit urs now.. hehehe..
    iya nih mungkin aku lebai ya pake si maybelinne jd sticky pas udh kering. huhuhu.. balada berasa punya bibir tuebelll