Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Juices Here I Come

Wewww... I barely believe I am saying this...

I promise myself to be healthier than before so I, myself, today declare to be BFF with the green juices.

Honestly green thingy had never been in  my heart but thanks *BIG THANKS* to Nadya Hutagalung who has shared the green juices on Instagram and somehow she makes it looks yummy. Until I tried several days ago. In and No (I mean a day with the green juice another day no) and yes honestly it tastes yummy (the smell is not so yummy x.x)

So today I promise myself in front of my hubby I will drink the green juice once a day, everyday. I hope I can do detox like what Nadya does. But let's do it slowly step by step.

In case you are wondering what is green juice, please do click the link.

Here is my stocks for a week for me and Abbie. I don't know would be enough for both of us. Hopefully it is.

There are:
spinach, green pears, apples, dragon fruit, beets, zuchinis, tomatos, lemons, carrots, pinapple, pok choi, and mints.

I barely ate them in real life, I admit that I never like cooked veggies. So I hope this way will give my body better nutritions.

My plan is the first day I will have some spinach, banana, apple, and lemon.
Second day pok choi, mints, dragon fruit, and pear.
Third day beet, spinach, apple, and lemon
Forth day zuchini, pok choi, mints, and carrots
Fifth day pear, tomato, and spinach
Sixth day banana, zuchini, dragon fruit and lemon

I hope I can make it.

Wish me luck...

and Good luck to you too



  1. jadi semua bahan it d campur y cc shan bwt green juice nyaa??
    mampir k blog aku jugaa ya cc

    1. Yup semuanya aja di campur jadi deh.. sippi okeh aku mampirrrr :*