Sunday, April 28, 2013

BB CC DD Cream... What's next?

Wowww... this cream world is just like alphabet-ing.. It starts with bb then cc and now it's DD!
What will next and when will it's stop? ZZ cream? super lol...

Anyway basically I just want to share what are they.

As you know recently BB cream is soooo booming like almost brands released their BB cream.
Just name it from Dior to Etude to Bodyshop to any other brand...

BB Cream is the blemis balm so it is supposed to cover your redness, acness, and also treat them nicely. It's a very good products beside giving you the glow, it  also treats and heals your skin problem. But yeah, beauty never ends, not so long after that the CC Cream is arrived. 

What is CC cream?

CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, is an improved and refined blemish balm cream or Beauty Balm created and developed in Korea.While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream is the newest miracle beauty product available and was formulated with technology originating in industry-leader Japan and further developed in Korea. (source:

So which one is better BB or CC... well when you haven't yet could answered that question, here come the DD cream... *^%*&^(hgjv*&*% *confusing I know, I am confused too* But relax I am here to share some informative cream-pedia 

DD cream is the brand new cream-family which just has been launched recently. 

beauty brand Julep has put a spanner in the works by announcing the launch of a DD cream for face called 'Dynamic Do-All' - a combination of the skincare benefits of a BB cream (but with more coverage) as well as the Colour Correcting power of a CC cream.

Yup from small research I did this morning about DD cream, I just can find this one brand take over the whole google image when you type down DD cream. Julep. You may click here to find out about Julep First Ever DD Cream Launch.

So I believe it's your choice whether you only want to focus on the blemish balm to taking care your blemish, or you want the new improvement CC cream or you want it all in one, the DD cream. 

Please let me know your review on DD cream if you had one. Since I haven't lol.. Maybe someday when it is reachable and all the beauty brands together produce this DD cream. I'd love to try one. 

So thanks for reading dolls, I hope I give you the information you needed.

Goodluck and lots of love



  1. mumpung lagi booming, urutin aja sampai ZZ lol
    bener2 fenomena haha

    1. Iyaaaaa edun emang ada2 aja lagian namain cream alphabetical.. we'll deh when will it ends hihi.... thx for reading ya babe.

  2. OMG! Kirain DD cream cuma joke doang ternyata ada beneran LOL.
    Anyway thanks for the info! :)

    1. Iyaaaa... coba bayangkan klo ada terusannya ee cream... euwhhh bgt deh hahaha.. thanks for reading ya babe

  3. wow udah ada dd cream, cc cream aja belum nyoba >.<

    1. Iyaaaaa jangan2 belom sempat nyoba udh kluar sama zz cream hahaha

  4. Ada sist, AA cream alias anti aging cream, heheh
    makin lengkap ajaa.. :D