Sunday, April 28, 2013

3 Minutes Make Up Challenge - Inspired by Bubzbeuaty (Lindy Tsang)

Teng treng teng teng.. Dha Zam...

Doing a full make up face in 3 minutes, are you out of your mind!?! How come, my top super fast makeup is in 5 minutes and that was super simple. No concelaer, no eyeshadow, only compact powder, eyeliner, and lips.


Yesterday I was watching bubzbeauty youtube channel, she did it! in 3 minutes (and she did it great and funny of course) Then she asked all of her viewer to do this tag. So I did... this morning... dha zam...

The 3 minutes make up challenge and yes very stressful. I was so in hurry and panic. I barely open my blush (it is actually super easy but since the panic attack lol) and of course I kinda cheated on using the cream stick eyeshadows and no brush brush to blend just using my cleaned finger.

So here's the finished look

Products I used to create this look are:
MUA Stick concealer
BodyShop BB Cream 
ELF Compact Powder
ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in French Lace (eyelid) and Feeling Lucky (socket line)
Maybelline Silky Smooth Blush in Fresh Rose
Revlon Colorbust Butter Lipstick in Tutti Frutti
Revlon Colorbust Liquid Black Eyeliner

So hereby, I challenge you to try it too.. I mean if Bubz didn't challenge me, I wouldn't know that I will success manage to do full face make up only in 3minutes. 

The panic happened because of the timer -.- So in real life when I am in hurry I will believe that I can handle 3 minutes makeup yeay....

And I kinda love the look.. Fresh and simple yet pretty *winked*

Goodluck dolls!

Lots of love

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